American Made Clothing

We work with many mills across this Great Nation of ours, to have quality garments produced.  Our special line of clothing that we have created is called UESAY (pronounced U-ES-AY).  Every product that has the UESAY name on it, is 100% American Made, with every part originating in the United States.

The cotton is grown and harvested in the Southeast by hardworking American farmers.  Then the raw materials are sent to quality conscious garment workers in several locations throughout the U.S.  Then the garment is sent to a talented decorator who gave it a look of American Quality.  Click the links to the left to browse our online catalog.

Custom Printing

If you are in need of custom printing for your upcoming family reunion, town festival, social group, fund raisers, school events, or to promote you business, please consider using American Made shirts for your project.

We have great prices on custom printing, just e-mail with what you are in need of and we will work with you.

If you already have a quote for imported shirts, let us know what you are paying and we will try to find something compairable that is American made.  Don't just assume that because it's imported that it will be cheaper.